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Important information for delegates

Important information for delegates

One sleep left until we kick off #SydCon22 – here are some tips to make sure you can make the most of your weekend!

1. Registration will kick off at 6.30pm at the maritime museum cocktail social. Make sure you have your ID and QPAY ticket at the ready with your phone’s brightness on max. Also ensure your QPAY ticket matches your ID document. If you can’t make the cocktail night there will be an opportunity to register on Saturday morning before the academics.

2. You will be given a wristband when you register your ticket – this is your pass into all the socials and academics, so do NOT take it off.

3. Familiarise yourself with the academics schedule and always refer back to our website www.sydcon.nswmsc.org.au if you get lost.

4. Please wear a mask to at least our academic and EMC events, whilst maintaining social distancing and good hygiene – if you develop symptoms, isolate and follow the health advice per NSW Health.

And most of all – HAVE FUN! The team has put thousands of hours into this event and we are so proud to be bringing it to you TOMORROW!

Get ready for a Brave New World…