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What is EMC?

What is EMC?

Does the thought of mass trauma get you excited? Do you want to flex your cannulation skills, or prove you can give the best CPR? Do you want to show all the other medsoc’s that your University is the best? Then, do we have a challenge for you…

NSWMSC’s SydCon Emergency Medical Challenge (EMC) will once and for all decide which Uni will come out on top. The challenge will consist of up to 2 teams (up to 6 students and at LEAST 2 pre-clin) from each uni competing in a series of rotating emergency challenges. Each challenge will have a central theme, and points will be scored for how you manage each patient in the scenario, as well as your teamwork and ability to answer some ED-relevant questions as you go.

Remember to think outside of the box, some patients will have more to them than meets the eye.

Stations could range from ALS scenarios, to mass trauma triaging, to broken bones and breech babies so there will be something that everyone can excel at!

Heats will be run in early March and our two top scoring teams will compete on stage at our finals at SydCon 22!

Will your team be crowned EMC champions?