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Paradise Found Sunday

Paradise Found Sunday

As Mr 305 himself once famously said, “Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza. Straight to Sydcon you go, best place in Australia.”

COVID may have clipped your worldwide wings, but we’ll spark your wanderlust as you frolic amongst the tropical territories of Paradise Found.

Whether you want to recreate the Bali Schoolies you never had, relive the South East Asian Contiki you haven’t shut up about for the last 3 years, or have collated an Insta feed worthy of the most glitzy Byron socialite, we’re here to help you find the bachelor or bachelorette of your dreams.

For one night, escape La Niña and soggy girl summer to the Love Island you’ve always wanted. So lather yourself in linen, pop on some boat shoes, and get ready to hit a dance floor hotter than a Santorini sunset. Love won’t wait, so why should you?