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Why Come to SydCon?

Still looking for that reason to press “buy?” We’ve got plenty Grab em’ now before they’re gone: https://sydcon2022-event.getqpay.com/ And remember, ticket sales close TUESDAY NIGHT!

A Taste of Academics

https://sydcon2022-event.getqpay.com/ Whether you’re a budding medico-legal expert or simply love engaging in healthy debate with your mates, we’ve got something for everyone in our academics line up! And there’s so much more to come

A Taste of Academics

Announcing 3 of our amazing academic topics for the conference! Can you believe these are just a mere few of the inspiring and thought provoking topics we will be discussing over the weekend? And a reminder – just THREE DAYS REMAINING TO BUY TICKETS! Buy here: https://sydcon2022-event.getqpay.com/

What is EMC?

Does the thought of mass trauma get you excited? Do you want to flex your cannulation skills, or prove you can give the best CPR? Do you want to show all the other medsoc’s that your University is the best? Then, do we have a challenge for you… NSWMSC’s SydCon Emergency Medical Challenge (EMC) will once and for all decide…

Paradise Found Sunday

As Mr 305 himself once famously said, “Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza. Straight to Sydcon you go, best place in Australia.” COVID may have clipped your worldwide wings, but we’ll spark your wanderlust as you frolic amongst the tropical territories of Paradise Found. Whether you want to recreate the Bali Schoolies you never had, relive the South East Asian Contiki…

Cyberpunk Saturday

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…the dance floor on fire off the shoulder of Sydney Harbour…I watched lasers glitter in the dark near the Opera House. All of those moments lost without Instagram stories, like tears in rain. Time to buy.”- Roy Batty, 2021 NSWMSC Boat Party attendee. From the spires of Coruscant to the Grid of Tron, we’ve…

Cocktail Party

Lockdowns and border closures got you staring at the edge of the water, long as you can remember? Exams put you under more pressure than 10,000 leagues beneath the sea? Never fear. It’s time to become the Master and Commander of your own destiny. Unfurl your sails and join us in Atlantis with hundreds of your fellow seafarers for what…